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 Top Cut - Three times a year, we publish Top Cut, a newsletter designed to provide interesting, useful information about the logging industry. We cover everything from low impact harvesting to high-tech production equipment. We welcome our readers feedback and use it to shape each issue. We publish in English and French.




CLP Instructor Training Sessions - In order to keep their own skills and knowledge up to par, CLP instructors have been undergoing rigorous classroom and field training sessions. They're learning everything from communications techniques to precision felling. Each instructor is expected to demonstrate their own skill and understanding of such techniques as estimating tree lean, open-face notching and the bore cut. By constantly honing their own skills, CLP instructors can bring the highest level of skill and knowledge to the instruction and certification process.



Tread Lightly - A High Impact Lesson in Low Impact Logging- The CLP program has completed production of a video featuring the relationship between forest ecology and logging. The video  provides steps loggers can take to protect, enhance and sustain the fragile forest environment. It also provides an introduction to forest management, giving loggers an understanding of some of the principles that guide their work. The video is broken up into eleven lessons that give CLP instructors an opportunity to pause tape and discuss the concepts presented in the tape. The lesson package includes an Instructor's Guide and color overhead tranparencies and is available through the CLP office for $75. For information on Tread Lightly contact the CLP office at 1-800-668-3078.

Game of Logging Training- Why re-invent the wheel? When world-renowned logging expert Soren Eriksson developed a program that incorporates all the safety and skill training we were looking for, we decided to adopt it as the official CLP chainsaw training vehicle. With an emphasis on efficiency and safety, this training program prepares loggers not only to make a living, but to stay alive in the process. Loggers learn everything from saw filing to personal protective equipment to notching and felling a tree.   

     New Re-certification Workshops - The year 2000 has already seen the development of two important and helpful re-certification workshops: Filing and Reduced Downtime; and Reducing Residual Stand Damage for Mechanical Operators. Each was offered during the spring to the enthusiatic reception of those who attended. Each program will be refined and offered for qualified CLPs for years to come. The CLP program will continue to develop workshops of interest and value to our membership.

Game of Logging Competition- Why master these skills if you can't show them off? Each year, the CLP program co-sponsors a regional Game of Logging competition for active CLPs. This years' event was held August 10th in Greenville, Maine. Based entirely on the training program, the competition gives loggers an opportunity to test their skills in nine different events, from chain filing to tree felling. Eight loggers competed this year and the winner, Sam Heffner of Greenville received a check for $1000. Sam will be going to Vermont to compete at the Nationals in the Spring of 2014. Good Luck Sam! For more information about the competition, or if your main income is from logging and you've completed at least three levels of Game of Logging competition and want to register for next year's competition, contact the CLP office at 207-668-2851.


1st Place winner Samuel Heffner

2nd Place winner Andrew Marquis

3rd Place winner Chris Maxim

2013 Game of Logging Competitors