Our Mission 

It is the mission of the CLP program to provide the best possible training and education to people involved in the Maine logging industry. The program is equally committed to recognizing the skill and professionalism of those who meet and exceed the CLP standard. The successful CLP candidate will be prepared to work safely, productively, and in a manner that protects, enhances and sustains the forest. Our program will evolve to reflect changes in the forest products industry and will provide a means for continual professional growth.

CLP History 

The CLP program was founded in 1991 as a combined effort of loggers, landowners, environmental specialists and safety consultants to establish a standard for professionalism in the Maine woods. An immediate goal of the program was to combat the high rate of logging accidents and the resulting Worker's Compensation costs for logging contractors.

Today, under the sponsorship of the Maine TREE Foundation, the program takes pride in the fact that the accident rate for loggers is half what it was when the program began. As a result, mechanical CLP loggers pay up to 59% less for Worker's Compensation than non-certified mechanical loggers. To ensure that the needs of working loggers continue to be met by the CLP program, the Board of Directors remains today, as always, comprised mostly of those who make a living working as loggers in our forests.

Loggers today face many more challenges than they did even a decade ago. Rules and regulations control virtually everything they do. Their work environment is fragile and easily damaged. The cost and complexity of doing business can be prohibitive. To top it off, loggers are confronted with life-threatening hazards every day at work. So, loggers trained to handle these challenges are in high demand. Not only do CLPs receive this training, they also benefit from a worker's compensation rate that is up to 59% less than that of non-CLPs. As the new millenium begins, training and education will be more and more necessary for a long and healthy career in the Maine woods.

Why Choose a CLP? 

If you're a landowner in search of a skilled logger to work on your land, here are a few reasons to search our database for a CLP near you.

Safety - The CLP program stresses safety throughout its training and certification processes. This emphasis on safety has resulted in a reduction in accidents by CLPs that gained them a special, reduced workers compenstion rate.

Skill-  CLPs receive hands-on training that allows them to develop a wide variety of skills. From layingout a site, to felling and marketing wood, CLPs have the skills to safely, efficiently and profitably conduct a harvest.

Knowledge - Regulations, technology and a complex and fragile work envirornment all pose daily challenges for the logger. The CLP program prepares loggers to meet these challenges as well as the needs of their customers.

Stewardship- Stewardship of our forest is a priority of  the CLP program. That is why we provide training in wildlife protection, erosion and pollution control and sustainable forestry. We are commited to healthy forests for the future.

Professionalism- Professional standing is gained through training and experience. CLPs have both. With their extensive training and evaluations, CLPs are regarded as the true "professionals" in the Maine woods.

Pride- Pride is what makes a professional go the extra mile to maintain a safe, environmentally sound, profitable operation. Landowners can be confident that CLPs will bring this quality to the worksite every day.